KOTOBA, is a collective knitwear brand that focuses on promoting WHOLEGARMENT® knitting technology. By integrating technology and knitwear, KOTOBA produces pieces that are both cutting edge and timeless.


KOTOBA, meaning “language” in Japanese, was the root of development for the brand. Encouraged from Shima Seiki, an international knitting machine manufacturer in Japan, and initiated in New York City, it inevitably became a multicultural project. While utilizing world renowned and innovative technology, KOTOBA would also embrace social and environmental responsibility. By producing garments in a sustainable manner and supporting domestic manufacturing, the brand strives to inspire the use of their practices.


KOTOBA is striving to create socially and environmentally responsible fashion by supporting WHOLEGARMENT® technology and producing all our garments in the USA.



WHOLEGARMENT® knitting is a revolutionary and state-of-the-art knitwear system developed by Shima Seiki. Serving at the forefront of knitwear technology, WHOLEGARMENT® offers a superior alternative to the conventional knitting methods. WHOLEGARMENT® products are knitted in one whole piece and offer excellent incentives such as soft, lightweight comfort, improved stretch and mobility, and minimal yarn consumption.